About me

Graphic Design Technician, specialized in Digital Product Design with a focus on UX / UI, graduated in Computer Science. My degree is an important foundation for my career, bringing fundamental knowledge of science and technology, allowing me to create projects taking into account the effort and complexity of implementation.

Volunteer work

In 2019 I had the opportunity to work as volunteer at WoMakers Code as a monitor in Front-End development, with the purpose to assist in applied courses for women of all ages, focusing on disseminating knowledge about basic, intermediate and advanced.



I enjoy a challenge! So in the same year, I participated in Hacking Rio, the biggest Hackathon event in Latin America, where I worked on a project as a front-end developer. We chose the sports cluster, whose objective was to motivate more women to watch the games using the principles of artificial intelligence.

Without a doubt, this experience was enriching for me, both personally and professionally.