The challenge was to create a dashboard for a intergalactic central transport, in the year of 3046, but it has a few different aspects to take in consider. The central is operate by droids, that manage the solar routes and to do that well, the dashboard need to show only the important information to make them efficient.

My role



My role as a Product Design, was to analyze the available data to create a Dashboard align with the androids needs and business goal.



How can we operate solar routes efficiently even with high demand?

We have a high demand forecast for next year and setting up this control center will be essential for our droids to be able to operate the solar routes efficiently.


Build a dashboard page where the droids will have access to sales and revenue data from intergalactic spacecraft voyages, for Androids from Cinturão Wyse, solar route operators with admin access.


  • Number of tickets sold so far;Total revenue collected so far;

  • A sales chart by time (where you show howsales occurred from the beginning to the present);

  • A graph of revenue by time (which shows how therevenue has evolved from the beginning to the present);

  • Which ticket categories were the most sold(cyborg, humanoid and droids);

  • A percentage of sales indicator (will indicate how manypercent above or below history are salescurrent);

  • A percentage of revenue indicator (will indicate how manypercent above or below history is current revenue).

  • A button for data export. On clicking the droid will download a file with raw data.


Why this project is important?

How can we operate solar routes efficiently even with high demand?

We have a high demand forecast for next year and setting up this control center will be essential for our droids to be able to operate the solar routes efficiently.

Ideal Personas

I realized it would be difficult to understand the user, but we can get creative when things are not usual.

I decided to look on internet for some answers. How can I understand a non-human user?

So I read this great article and I decide to get immersive in this world to create the ideal users



  • Points to be evaluated by customers of the transport: Punctuality, comfort, safety, conservation, speed, cleanliness, stops, service and capacity.

  • The importance of operating routes efficiently: Reduce operating costs, relevant impact on billing, streamline the routing and delivery operation and leverage team productivity.

  • Droids: Specifically intelligent robots. Like those seen in the fictional Star Wars universe.

  • Humanoids: Humanoid is any being that has a similar appearance or even resembles a human.

  • Cyborg: A cyborg is an organism endowed with organic and cybernetic parts, usually for the purpose of improving its capabilities using artificial technology.

It is important for me to search for the main concepts, raise questions and then put them to the test, in this way we can better understand the product without losing its main purpose.

Understanding our users

I wanted to understand about the user, their needs, the environment they are in and how they would be in contact with the solution, to make the experience complete.

Thinking about the dashboard, what would they give more importance, which graphs could translate better, are many graphs needed, what do they already know and what do they not understand?

Designing the Solution

To create the dashboard I needed to understand among the information that is needed on the screen, how it could be presented to the user, in what order, in what patterns and what was or was not a priority at this moment.


In addition to wireframes, I like to sketch from full screens to components, basically anything that comes to mind, because it's a good way to visualize possibilities.

Quality, not quantity

Funneling the possibilities to those that are closer to the data collected previously and in line with the purpose.

Non-User Research

While learning about how to create a ideal persona, in this case base in a non-human characters, I also found this article by Nikki Anderson, that highlights the importance about talking with people that probably won't be your user, but that can be key people that you can collect insights.

”I need to make the filters and get the SQL data as per need of my table, so they define what they want and I do it. (work with spreadsheet)”

Ana Zerbinato - Bussiness Controlling Analyst




With a well-established hierarchy and intent, it is possible to plan the main points of attention of the platform.



I really wanted to make the complete package, it also allowed me to test these platforms that I later took to my work when the need arose.


The final product! It was a brief, but a very interesting journey.

What I've learned?

During the design process I noticed some interesting topics that could be added as functionalities: Alerts with information about the weather (Meteor Rain), instructions for contingency situations, graph with peak times and a table showing day voyages with ship capacity, supplies, code and estimated travel time.

This challenge was really fun for me, I got the chance to try new methods and tools, but I feel that I struggled with so little data on dashboard (UI), now I would take the opportunity to propose a better use to this kind of page. I also would like to try a more interesting and a better contrasting color palette.

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